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Humanitarian Response and Economic Empowerment


Violent conflicts and disasters have affected the biggest population that is already suffering due to prolonged war and poverty. The youth, women and children are the most affected groups that need humanitarian support and empowerment. Women and girls who takes care of children, elders and farms are the most hit by such humanitarian crisis.

Women and girls make up majority of those displaced by conflicts; suffer inequality and die of natural disasters. Children are the most affected during conflicts and disasters and suffer malnutrition, diseases and death. Youth are the most used in intercommunal conflicts, recruited into the armed groups and denied their rights to education and descent living.

The organization will advocate for citizen basic needs during the times of conflicts and disasters such as shelter, clean water and sanitation, food security and livelihood. Above all, AMALNA will use interactive radio programing to create awareness programs on the protection of the rights of the people displaced because of disasters and women and girls due to cultural norms.

AMALNA will also engage various key stakeholders on policy change that will improve on the humanitarian situation in South Sudan. We understand that successful humanitarian response and building resilient defends on empowering the youth, women, children and key stakeholder with an information that will result to change of policies that will result to peaceful leaving.

Who We Are

We provide Edutainment, Communication and Information to empower the youth and Citizenry.

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Hai Tongping Residential Area, Juba, Plot 152, Block 3K South, 2nd class, Republic of South Sudan.
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