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Natural Resource Management


Conflicts have led to destruction of natural resources such as forests, animal spices among others. Inadequate natural resource management policies led to mismanagement of natural resources with no focus on its effects on the vulnerable citizens. Natural resources provides conducive environment for living when properly managed hence citizens enjoy peaceful living under conducive environment. Lack of social responsibilities among companies extracting resources has negatively affected those located in near those resources especially in the oil fields. The magnitude of disasters caused by natural phenomena - especially Climate change - remains the most frightening. Today Millions of people are experiencing the effects of flooding, oil extraction related diseases, and climate change, environmental degradation that affect living and add more suffering to already violent conflict.

South Sudan has experienced severe floods, which has caused populations to displace from their domicile. AMALNA believes that media and communication can contribute to the mitigation and recovery during such situations.

We aim to provide people reliable information that help them build resilience and reduce risk. We provide platforms for discussions and dialogue that are important in this case, to help people make informed decision at family, community and national levels on natural hazards.

We believe that media programming on environmental management, particularly on climate change, flooding, afforestation helps audiences adapt to practices that protect their environment during times of crises. Our programming focus on empowering communities in managing natural hazards, practice farming technics that help them continue living and protect their surroundings.

Our work will empower people to advocate for environmental policies and inspire them to engage their leaders in discussion for fair and accountable environmental policies that encourage citizens and their leaders to be accountable in all actions related to environmental management. AMALNA through its experienced management team and staff intends to build and expand capacity in emergency preparedness and recovery programmes. It will cooperate and solicit support from the Government and the Partners and carryout massive awareness campaigns on afforestation and climate change using the in-house expertise on radio programming and outreach.

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We provide Edutainment, Communication and Information to empower the youth and Citizenry.

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Hai Tongping Residential Area, Juba, Plot 152, Block 3K South, 2nd class, Republic of South Sudan.
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