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Who we Are


Who We Are

AMALNA South Sudan is a media development organization with a team of highly qualified, talented, experienced and committed South Sudanese who are working towards realization of peaceful and stable South Sudan through media and communication.

We are hard-working, creative, ambitious and committed South-Sudanese serving vulnerable communities in South-Sudan. We work on areas of Natural resource management, Democracy and governance, Media Development, peace building, Humanitarian Response and Economic Empowerment, COVID-19, Institutional Capacity Strengthening and Resource Mobilization.

We do this through collaboration and networking, production and broadcast of media content, production of films, theater performances, social media campaign, community dialogues and outreach activities. We are creative and use entertainment AND education to reach out to hard-to-reach areas. We are the only national organization in South Sudan that reach out to all – young, old, rich, poor – with our content.

AMALNA has over six years of experience in use of outreach, media and communication work across South Sudan with focus on empowerment of vulnerable people through media and outreach programs for them to make informed decisions especially the youth, women and girls.

We are committed to rebuild a South Sudan characterized by accountability, democracy and good governance, respect human rights, peaceful co-existence and value diversity. Our programs provide various platforms for the voiceless to interact and for policy change that will result into improved health, environmental and education, promote social justice, and open up economic opportunities for vulnerable communities to make them more resilient and less vulnerable to poverty.

AMALNA strives to empower and strengthen youth, women, children and the citizenry by providing edutainment, information and communication tools that support them build a peaceful South Sudan. We believe that information is crucial in transforming societies. Since 2017 to date AMALNA is reaching to over 5 million people across South Sudan through our media content and outreach programs. We believe that the strongest foundation for South Sudan’s future lies on the youth and the information given to them, which will help them make informed decisions and change their attitudes.

Our Vision

  • An informed citizenry and accountable leadership positively engaged in protecting human rights, democracy and development of South Sudan.

Our Mission

  • Promoting access to information, effective citizen participation, and accountable government and enabling people equitably enjoy their livelihood and wellbeing.


Transparency and Accountability
AMALNA values and is committed to promoting individual and collective responsibility, transparency and accountability in engagement, communication and cooperation with partners, target groups or beneficiaries.
We are committed to promoting social justice, integrity and respect for others in order to secure public good and rights of poor people. We remain committed to our policy, procedures and system of the organization. All staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and counterparts shall respect the organizational rules and regulations.


  • We are the only national organization experience in radio drama production in South Sudan.
  • Our People are experienced in using creative edutainment approaches such as theater, social media, film and drama for awareness creation.
  • Research-Based and participatory approach in engaging stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • Strategic Mix of media and humanitarian where our work cuts across all sectors (health, governance, human rights, peace building etc).

Who We Are

We provide Edutainment, Communication and Information to empower the youth and Citizenry.

Our Location

Plot 149, Block B, 3rd class, Hai Mangateen Residential Area, Opposite IOM Offices, Juba, Republic of South Sudan
Tel: + (211) 924 178 748
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