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Plot 149, Block B, 3rd class, Hai Mangateen Residential Area, Opposite IOM Offices, Juba, Republic of South Sudan

Our Resource Strength

  • Well-furnished office space with necessary equipment and furniture.
  • Eleven (11) full time staff and three community volunteers with great diversity, experience, and dedication.
  • Approximately 50 part time scriptwriters, musicians, actors and translators.
  • Well developed and reader friendly web site: amalna-ss.org  
  • Well-equipped recording studio with modern recording instruments.
  • Experienced Editorial team.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable management team with over 10 years of experience managing international and national humanitarian organization.
  • Good established control systems (finance, HR, procurement, program and equipment) management.
  • Diverse Advisory Boards comprising members from diverse backgrounds.
  • A well-maintained network of community radio partnership, about 35 media houses.
  • Capacitated and exposed staff with high level of connection and networking with like-minded institutions.

Previous Radio Programs

  • Sawa Shabab (together youth): was a peace building radio drama funded by USIP/Peace Tech Lab for 2 years.
  • Gatakhor (Crossing the river): funded by the Norwegian people’s Aide from 2017-2019, the radio drama produced in English and Arabic and aired on 20 radio stations.
  • Guul La! La! (Say no! No!) A program focusing on creating awareness on child marriage. Funded by UNICEF in 2020, the drama produced by AMALNA and aired on 33 community, public and commercial radio stations across South Sudan. The drama produced in English and Arabic, 30 episodes produced in both English and Arabic.
  • Your Voice Matter: part of EU COVID-19 Response for Africa; Together for Reliable Information. AMALNA produced 20 radio magazines in both English and Arabic and aired on 10 radio stations across South Sudan.

Previous Outreach Program

  • Wagif phase one (stop); the outreach approach was focus in creating awareness on fair, transparent and accountable public procurement process. Funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid as a pilot project in 2020, the project conducted various activities including research, radio talk shows, film production, dialogue forums, and capacity building in Juba.
  • APEAE (Advocacy to Promote Equal Access to Education for both boys and girls): funded by Democracy International, the project successfully implemented in Juba targeting PTA/SMCs in central equatorial state. Successful activities implemented include radio talk shows, community dialogues, production of IEC material for awareness raising, community faire and capacity building.
  • Picturing a Common Future: we use film to create dialogue among youth. PCF funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign affairs is currently rolling out screening across South Sudan.

Who We Are

We provide Edutainment, Communication and Information to empower the youth and Citizenry.

Our Location

Plot 149, Block B, 3rd class, Hai Mangateen Residential Area, Opposite IOM Offices, Juba, Republic of South Sudan
Tel: + (211) 924 178 748
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