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Democracy and Governance

Our approach of using radio, film, social media, theater, television and other media communication content help people have better access to accurate, credible and balanced information. We empower people to know their rights and advocate for it. We create space for public discussion on issues concern citizens and national development.

Media help people understand the responsibilities of their leaders and our work helps people to meet and speak directly with their decision-makers, to dialogue and make them answerable. We strive for fair, transparent and accountable public processes to help people live together more peacefully and develop. AMALNA South Sudan believe that media and communication are core components of development and are essential for democratic societies. Reliable information through media is essential in addressing problems and support effective and inclusive governance that hold leaders accountable.

In 2020 AMALNA implemented Wagif project aimed to address and promote fair, transparent and accountable public procurement process. We used media and communication to engage thousand through media and outreach activities. We bring community leaders, lawmakers, and civil society organizations, government officials to interact, dialogue and to share stories with citizens. We conduct research to understand citizens’ views, perceptions in regards to corruption.

Peaceful living is realized where there exist democracy and good governance. In absence of good policies,   people are at a high risk of rights abuse, loss of resources through corruption and lack of basic service delivery. Provision of such services to the citizens results to peaceful living and national growth. AMALNA seeks to work with stakeholders to advocate and strengthen institutions to popularize democratic values and ethos in the country.

In formulating this plan, AMALNA considers the root causes of conflict is embedded in bad governance and proposes the most effective approaches in promoting democracy and good governance. A core rationale for the formation of AMALNA was to contribute to a democratic and peaceful transition of South Sudan from a Militarized political entity to a modern democratic stable state in which the citizens exercise their civic responsibilities to the best of their abilities. In this respect, AMALNA will promote youth participation, civic education, conduct research and opinion poll, policy analysis and the involvement of women to lobby and advocate for a democratic and stable country.


Gatakhor Human Rights Film Festival

Human right abuses have been highly recorded in South Sudan up to date that include those that affect children. Some of the Human rights abuses perpetrated on children include recruitment of children as child solders, forced labor, killing and maiming, child abduction, rape, child and forced marriage forcing children especially girls to live a miserable live. It was reported that an estimated 2.8 million children are out of school in South Sudan which counts for about 23% of the total population.

Amalna South Sudan is contributing towards peacebuilding and conducive election environment in South Sudan by preparing a conducive ground before, during and after elections through engagement of cattle camp youth, social media followers, youth, women and people with disabilities by encouraging participants to resolve conflicts in their communities in non-violent ways, create awareness on their constitutional role to participate in elections and decision-making process.


Who We Are

We provide Edutainment, Communication and Information to empower the youth and Citizenry.

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Plot 149, Block B, 3rd class, Hai Mangateen Residential Area, Opposite IOM Offices, Juba, Republic of South Sudan
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